War Heritage Institute

8 May: Commemorate your Second World War hero! In the company of Selah Sue…

Participate in #wewillmeetagain, the War Heritage Institute’s campaign for the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Selah Sue joins in too.

Commemorate your hero through #wewillmeetagain. Climax on 8 May with Selah Sue.

Post a picture and the story of someone who experienced the Second World War and who is important to you on the War Heritage Institute’s Facebook page. A member of your family who served or was deported, a resistance hero from your city or a historical figure you want to remember. A national remembrance moment will be held on 8 May at 11:01 p.m. Place a picture of your hero in a cosy spot of your house or garden, or even on your balcony. Light a candle and take a moment to remember. Read a text, play some music. Put a picture or film of your remembrance moment on the War Heritage Institute’s Facebook page with hashtag #wewillmeetagain.

A campaign supported by well-known faces

Christophe Deborsu and Arnout Hauben launch the campaign and on 8 May singer Selah Sue will share her remembrance moment with us! Witness this touching event on the War Heritage Institute’s Facebook page. We count on your contribution!

National commemoration for the end of the Second World War on 8 May

For the past year the War Heritage Institute and its numerous partners invested in “75 Years of Liberation” and tried to highlight what it means to live in peace for 75 years. Large ceremonies were to be held all over the country on 8 May, but everything was of course cancelled because of the corona virus epidemic. The necessary restriction of our freedom in these trying times highlights the importance of freedom. And we also have to realize what it means to spend time with our loved ones, now we are temporarily separated… or have lost them for good. It therefore is very important to take a moment on 8 May and to reflect upon the end of the Second World War. The War Heritage Institute does so through a national remembrance moment and Dame Vera Lynn’s famous “We’ll meet Again”, a song symbolizing hope and comfort in the dark years of war. We will meet again and everything will be alright, “some sunny day”.

More information on www.belgiumremembers44-45.be