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Nocturne: the executed of Breendonk

Nocturne: the executed of Breendonk

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We bring through farewell letters the story of the 207 prisoners executed at the Fort of Breendonk

On 27 November 1942, prisoners were executed for the first time at the Fort of Breendonk, in retaliation for the murder of the rexist mayor of Charleroi, Jean Teughels. At Breendonk, 207 prisoners would be executed during the occupation, including 184 by bullet and 23 by hanging.

Eighty years after the date of the first execution, we commemorate these victims by introducing visitors to haunting farewell letters from the prisoners through the Fortress. Finally, we pay tribute to the execution site with a name-call and photo projections.  

Please note that this nocturne is only available in Dutch!

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