Militaria Verlag : Belgians in the Habsburg Army

Militaria Verlag : Belgians in the Habsburg Army

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  • Hardcover
  • Prof. Dr. Bruno Colson, with the assistance of Dr. Pierre Lierneux

Militaria Verlag : Belgians in the Habsburg Army

This book presents you with a forgotten adventure, viz. that of the “national regiments” recruited in the Austrian Netherlands, i.e. present-day Belgium. They opposed both Frederic the Great and Napoleon. These volunteer elite soldiers were not that numerous, but enjoyed quite a reputation, as the Habsburg “Walloons” participated in all battles. Moreover, their officers – noblemen from a rather small territory – established an extremely professional military tradition. They played a major part in the Austrian army’s chain of command and military style.

This unprecedented approach of a largely untapped subject is richly illustrated. The Royal Military Museum, museums and libraries in both Brussels and Vienna, and a few Belgian castles gathered a large array of collection items and representations of this immense but often neglected army, a determined armed force that clashed with two of the greatest military geniuses ever.

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