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Dear visitors,

Good news! The renovation works of the Royal Military Museum by the Building Agency continue to progress. For this reason, and for safety measures:

  • part of the Historic Gallery has been closed since 7 February for a period of 6 months;
  • part of the '14-'18 Gallery is also inaccessible until further notice.

Thank you for your comprehension.

war dead register

War Dead Register

How many Belgian soldiers died in the different wars? What did they do before the war? How and where did they die?

Read more about it on the website of the Belgian War Dead Register.


Belgium, battlefield of Europe

Experience 2000 years of conflict history

On the territory of present-day Belgium, in the heart of Western Europe and at the intersection of the Romano-French and Germanic-German cultures and with direct access to the Anglo-Saxon world, hundreds of large and small conflicts have been fought over the centuries. From the conquests by the Romans to the Viking raids, the Battle of the Golden Spurs, the Burgundian expansion and the Revolt in the Netherlands, the wars of Louis XIV and Napoleon to the First and Second World War. Belgium, Battlefield of Europe' brings together 2000 years of conflict history.